Friday, June 3, 2011

Irises On Display! ~ Floral Friday!

"Bold Beauty"

Ahhhh, June is here! And with it comes two of my favorite flowers, the Peony and the Iris. In fact, my garden is about to spill over with both and I'm sure the neighbours will think I've lost my mind yet again as I creep about the front yard in the early morning or late day, laying on the ground shooting up into the blooms, or crouched down in the midst of them with just my head visible. I've surprised more than one person innocently walking past the house with "I got you!" only for them to realize I'm stalking my flowers and not the general public. It's embarrassing.... but they'll get over it.

I will say this. Irises often confuse my sense of composition. Their unique shape sometimes stumps me when it comes to getting more unique shots. A change in my approach will be needed this year in order to get new compositions out of my flower bed. Perhaps the lens fairy will lend me a macro for the day... one can only dream!

What I love about them is their colors. Always fresh looking, very elegant, and any color you can think of. Shoot if you can on a day with overcast light and you've got it made. Catch them just after it rains (like I have yet to do, but I'm workin' on it) and they can look magical.

Irises and peonies will be here on the blog more frequently for the next while! Can't wait! Thanks for the quick ramble, and have a fabulous weekend folks!

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