Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inside Looking Out ~ Exploration Thursday!

"Where Politics Meets Art"

Do we see a theme this week? Lot's of stone, walls, windows, doors... I'm going out on a limb and hoping you're not too tired of the Doors Open TO series I've been working on. If you are, relief will be on the way in the form of trusty ol' Floral Friday tomorrow. But in the meantime, here's one more B&W I was wanting to post.

This is a view of the Ontario Legislative Building that you may not normally see when at Queens Park. Or you may see it but only give it a passing glance. I did. Then I got to the end of the hall and went back. This is where two slightly different parts of the building's architecture come together in the rear of the property. And if you look carefully you'll see this was taken looking out one of the windows in the hall right along the side of the building that stretches out in a U shape from inside.

Quality-wise it's not the cleanest shot. The windows facing this more remote part of the building were a wee bit dusty... and you can see it where the image softens along the edges where the light was starting to reflect off it. But I like the shot none the less. It's simply an interesting perspective. I suppose because I rarely get to shoot these buildings from anything but street level that this seemed like a nice opportunity. So there it is. And in a platinum B&W in PSPx2.

Shooting inside looking out seemed ideal for Thursday's post where I try to mix things up a little somehow. Next Thursday I'll have a new guest on the blog and I'm looking forward to picking their brain a wee bit and exploring photography through their eyes! But in the meantime, I'll try to have some new subject matter for you all next week. Pinky swear.

Have a great day gang, and thanks for the ramble! If you get a chance, please click on the voting button on the right hand side of my blog and let's see if I can't get to the Circle of Moms Top 25 photo blog list! I only just signed into Circle of Moms, a great online community for moms who blog and more, and I'd appreciate your vote as one of your favorite blog sites! Thanks so much to all of you who have already taken 5 minutes out of your busy days to do so! Have a good one folks!

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