Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can't Beat Backlit ~ Exploration Thursday!

"Scottie and the Summer Sprinklers"

Back lighting. It's an excellent way to give your images an extra edge. I sometimes forget this. So preoccupied with getting nice sidelight, proper shade, or fill flash to combat direct sun hitting a subject. But life would be more interesting, and I dare say easier at times if I'd remember how dynamic a photograph can be when it's shot with back light. So how do I forget this important technique?

Took this last summer at the pier with my friend and photog partner in crime Kelly one night. The light is low, skimming across the sprinkler park while the sun starts to set. This becomes ideal for back lit subjects or scenes. We had a hoot (yes, I used hoot. Who doesn't these days?) watching this little dog frolicking in the spray with as much abandon as he's stubby little legs would allow.

I raised my camera, and metered off the spray, choosing to blow out the highlights a bit more than normal so that the pooch wouldn't be pitch black... and waited till he frolicked a little more towards the light as well.
I shot a few frames then realized it could use some help, so I went into my exposure compensation and dialed it up a bit by +0.7. This made everything in the light pop and the shadows a little less dominant.
In the end my exposure was 1/400 sec.@ F/7.1, ISO 160 with my 200mm zoom. I froze the dogs steps as well as the spray shooting upwards.

I'm thinking I need to shoot more back lit subjects soon... it's been too long. Anyone wanna run with abandon through the sprinkler????

Have a super night gang! Thanks for the ramble!


  1. I do!!!! I want to run through the sprinkler!!!!

    Great photo Christine!

  2. Hahahahaha... I double dog dare ya!!! Lemme get there with the camera first :)

  3. Christine, one of my favs. Glad you posted this on your blog...