Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exploration Thursday!

"The Red In The Rubble"

Nothing overly bizarre done to today's image. Not that I do anything overly bizarre to any of my images, but it IS Exploration Thursday. Instead, I've posted this simply because exploring the city has always provided some interesting material. Older buildings in several stages of urban decay, getting a chance to be rebuilt and saved for new purposes interest me. Taken back to bare bones gives us a glimpse we don't usually get into the innards of a building. Surprises lurk within. Like the red door.

They've been peeling back the layers of this old defunct building for months. Nothing unusual for Hamilton. Lots of revitalization being bandied about, and some of it gets the go ahead. I keep an eye out for the tear downs, there's always something to photograph. This building hadn't shown me much promise until last week. Then, out on a photo walk, I glanced up and noticed they'd knocked back more walls and whatnot, and I had a red doorway staring down at me. There was only one. I pressed the shutter and felt relief. I wanted to photograph something on the work site. Had hovered around it on more than one occasion. There's a feeling of great satisfaction that comes with finding the approach to a shot you want. And then getting it.

All that happened with this midday telephoto shot was to make adjustments in curves back in PSPx2 and some highpass sharpening to make detail in the shadows more visible. Am wondering if I should convert this to B&W and do  selective color just on the red doorway. That may be a project for later, as I prep for some session work next week and will be lucky if I can just blog images already finished and ready to post. So we'll see.

Thanks for the Thursday ramble folks! Hope you're having a lovely one!

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