Friday, April 13, 2012

Life Vs. Photography

"Pretty in Pink"

Things have been sporadic here at the blog this year. As a mom and wife who is trying to build a portfolio and career in photography, sometimes life wins out and photography takes the backseat. Not for long mind you, but it happens. And it's not a bad thing. My family has to know I'm there for them no matter what. So I'm in a season where I work on my photography in and around my other aspects of life. If you're a parent and a spouse, you totally know what I mean.

And I don't care if you do travel photography (one day, one day), baby portraits, commercial, or fine art... at some point we realise just how big a balancing act it is. In fact anyone who works from home will understand. Heck, anyone who works, period, will understand the juggling skills you need to balance your vocation and your family life. After seeing some remarks and comments on various blogs and sites and emails from frustrated parents/spouses/photographers, I thought I'd post these thoughts on the blog today. When it's life verses photography, sometimes life wins hands down.

So what am I trying to say today....?

I just want to say, hang in there. Find a way to work on your dream while waiting for the laundry to dry and the skunk aroma to work it's way out of your dog again. Set up your day so you have even one hour to be creative, then go back to deciding what's for supper tomorrow and where your youngest might have left his new glasses when he went to the mall. Make sure your family knows that they can even join in on your learning process... make them your models, give them a cool job to help with on your next shoot even if it's a (gasp) school day, or make a day of scouting new locations together, and get their input on what looks exciting.

Hang in there and keep shooting. Keep shooting and keep sharing. Keep sharing, then let life win out for a bit. It's going to happen whether you want it to or not.

Thanks for the ramble gang! And don't give up!


  1. Thank you Christine. Those words made a difference in my emotions today. Sometimes not being able to do that which you want to do, can cause sadness, depression, and a whole load of other emotions. Being able to juggle, well that is what I must do. You are an inspiration my friend. Totally and without a doubt. I think my Lord for you!!!

  2. Aw, you're most welcome Lori. Life really can be overwhelming. I had to learn early on to take time for myself every day,to relax, to read my devotions, then go do something creative or fun for a bit... it gave me balance I desperately needed. You are more than welcome to come with me on a photowalk/ramble one morning just to explore and let your camera do all the work ;)