Monday, April 16, 2012

In The Corners of Your City ~Mono Monday

"Ornate Mausoleum"

I was actually on the hunt for magnolias in the rain. That was the goal. Can I help it that some of the biggest and oldest magnolias are in the massive Hamilton Cemetery? Can I help it that beside some of these ancient trees stood equally ancient columns decorating family grave sites? Can I help that I had to point my camera up at all the details, and instead of mauves and rich pinks of flowering trees, I saw things in B&W?

Can I stop posing everything in the form of a question now? Never mind.

It was funny though. I kept my eye on another person walking through the cemetery with their own camera. I love observing others when they're photographing a location. What makes them stop at certain things, while I keep moving and notice something else, and vice versa. They were only there for the spring flowers popping out here and there on the grounds. Never once pausing to look at the ornate or decaying graves, stones, moss, statues. Where as I couldn't get my fill of all of that. It always amazes me how individual our perspectives can be.

That's why I'm forever telling my fellow photographers, no matter how often a location has been photographed before, only YOU have your perspective, only YOU have your timing, only YOU have your vision for the final edits. I could go on and on. You will always find me roaming my own city. Frequenting the historical AND the mundane And the beautiful AND the busy locations. It's all there to be explored the way only you know how.

What'cha waiting for?

Thanks for the ramble, and have a super Monday.

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