Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Time For Cards!

I don't usually use this space to promote my sale items, but I've had a number of folks ask if I'm still selling our Art Card Sets. The answer is yes! So I thought I'd include them here on the blog and get the word out.

And I have also been asked before if these come in bulk from a printer of any kind. These are made by hand, each and every one, and before you decide that's a little too "Suzy-homemaker/old school/craft nut-ish" I can tell you that they are a fine quality watercolor paper card stock with detailed edging on both cards and envelopes, with heavy quality photo paper in brilliant clarity, adhered completely and professionally with much care.

Each and every one is then signed.

These come in sets of 12 assorted images, the Landscape Set and the Floral Collection... easy to purchase through my website when you click on the links I've just provided and scroll under the image to the Purchase button.
If you are in the Hamilton, Ontario area and wish to avoid shipping and handling, please paste the link to whichever set you'd like and your particulars in an email to cduncansphotography@gmail.com and we'll set up your order for you and a drop off/payment time.

I've been told they make a great gift for others or yourself, and have had many folks tell me a few stay on their walls in frames for safe keeping.

This is one of those rare times I indulge in a little self-promo here on the blog... I'll be back tomorrow with my usual ramble!
Have a super day gang!

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