Friday, December 2, 2011

Flowers and... Trucks? ~ Floral Friday!

2011 Fall Mum Show, Gage Park, Hamilton

Back to Floral Friday and I thought seeing as we're now into the cold weather I'd post something bright and colorful... and automotive. Yes, you read that right. For all you men out there that think flowers are for girls... well, they are. But put a massive antique vehicle in their midst and suddenly you have men flocking to the nearest flower show. Ha.

The theme for this years past Mum Show was "Fire" and there were massive displays throughout the brand new spacious greenhouses that were full of bright color, dragons spitting fire, a giant flame, and these beautiful old firetrucks, polished to a mirrored finish and decorated to within an inch of their shiny chrome. Naturally, I had to take pictures.

The space was well light obviously, and the only downside was trying to photograph between crowds of visitors. Space like this requires you to truly pay attention to the clutter and chaos intruding into the frame, and to still try to get the big picture for those who may not have been there. The two shots up this morning were my favorite from the show. And I hope you enjoy, whether you're partial to flowers OR trucks!

Have a good weekend folks, and thanks once again for the ramble!

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