Friday, December 16, 2011

The Little Things ~ Floral Friday!

"Curly Vine"

Without any naval gazing whatsoever today, thought I'd post a random list of all the little things that I've learned to remember whenever I'm out photographing flowers or anything for that matter. Here we go;

1. Keep a sense of adventure.

2. Use my Exposure Compensation button more. It's my friend.

3. Watch my histogram. NOT my LCD screen for accuracy.

4. The light dictates my technique. The subject in that light dictates the story.

5. A tripod slows me down. Sometimes this is good, but sometimes bad.

6. The flash comes OFF the camera. I get better photographs every time.

7. I need to continue learning about my flash.

8. I always look up. Way up. There's always something above you to see.

9. The right half of the right half of your Histogram is crucial to knowing if you have a photograph with the largest amount of information possible.
(Thank you David DuChemin for this one)

10. My telephoto will always require a tripod in less than brilliant light.
It's just a slow lens.

11. If my exposure is dead on in camera, or darn near close to, my higher ISO isn't going to ruin a photograph.

12. I do my best work in Manual mode. A total 360 from four years ago, I was terrified to leave Program mode. Total control in manual is so freeing.

13. It's okay to take sucky photographs. I learn from them. Every time.

14. Photography is hard. It's hard.

15. It's hard.

16. Keep a sense of adventure.


  1. I love this post Christine! Very uplifting, and encouraging! Lovely image too! :)

  2. Rachel, thanks so much... I think I write better when I'm short on time, lol. A quick post and I managed to get right to the point. Who knew? ;) I'm hoping that it allows others not to take it all so seriously, just to get out there and learn ;) Also something I still learning, heh heh.