Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Makin' Plans

Leaving Cottrells Cove...
Newfoundland, Canada

With some of my free time last week, I worked on this image from my first trip to Newfoundland. It was in the "possibilities" folder. Meaning I had some significant work to do on it before I'd be happy posting it anywhere but the vantage point was interesting to me, and I loved the golden shoreline against the blue. It had definite possibilities.

Then I got to thinking about other possibilities I now have time for. 2014 is steadily approaching, and I'm thinking about travel again. Do I go back to the east coast? Do I head out west? I have a road trip stuck in my head now that revolves around the Muskoka area and the ol' Nikon in summer or fall... so many possibilities abound. All require money of course, and some planning but what I want to include in whatever trip I may take this year will be the opportunity to meet up with some of my photography buddies... you're all such wonderful people, I need to start meeting more of you!

Anyway... that's what this photo got me thinking about... traveling and visiting, and coming back home with great memories and photographs to share. 
Does it get any better than that?

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