Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Do You Suppose... Wide Angle Wednesday

                                         Imperial Cotton Co. II by C.Duncan's Photography
Interesting scene, no? Quite frankly I have fallen in love with the main building of the Imperial Cotton Co. The third floor is one massive space ready to be used for everything from art shows to filming movies, and so full of character. I think I spent more time here during Doors Open Hamilton than anywhere else. This is one of my favorite images from Sunday's ramble through my city. And I think I'll let you decide what's happening in this photo... let your imagination get some exercise.
So, what do you suppose this scene represents?
I'll tell you one thing, photo shoots would be heavenly in a location like this...
Have great day gang, and thanks for the short ramble!


  1. A life drawing class? Is this an old warehouse (I'm guessing from the name)? The light looks fabulous for art classes. This shot reminds me of my old art school (an ex-gymnasium with great light and populated with easels). When the college moved the art school into a new building I managed to rescue an easel and a couple of stools. Very nice shot - super location.

  2. Wow! What a great spot! I am guessing an art class too! But I am thinking of all the photo possibilities in this building....I could take a few off the old photo bucket list!