Monday, May 7, 2012

Find Some History ~ Mono Monday

"Old, New, and In Between"
Imperial Cotton Textile Mill Complex

I love architecture. But you knew that. I even love saying, "I love architecture, and you knew that..." so of course today's image is from the 2012 Doors Open Hamilton event that took place this weekend. A fabulous event where buildings of artistic or historical significance, and buildings with innovative design, open their doors to the public and allow you glimpses into places you never knew existed or have always wanted to see.

You can't keep me away.

The image today is an amazing combination of original structures from 1900 and newer additions that today houses studios and spaces for showcasing and supporting local artists. I wasn't able to be choosy about the quality of light, hours of the event across the city are mid day hours and the light yesterday was harsh without much cloud cover. But you use what you're given, and when there are terrific lines, shapes, and textures supplied by such an interesting structure like this scene in the alleyway, you just go for. I particularly like the black pipe framing the Gothic style brick tower in the distance. Elements like this make me a happy photographer.

If you're in the Hamilton area, you need to check out the Imperial Cotton Co. complex and the additional site for artist support through CoBALT Connects who is out there providing innovative ways to educate artists and support local talent.

Take a ramble through YOUR city and see if they have a Doors Open event near you! Thanks gang and have a good one.

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