Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where's The Junk? ~ Exploration Thursday

"And She Saw Earth and Sky"

Just a harmless post today with another image from my recent rust and decay theme. Scrap metal, old farm equipment, and decrepit cars provide loads of opportunity to create abstracts... but this time it was the side of a dumpster along the docks. It has three different layers within. The blue, the gold, and the erosion. It simply grabbed my attention.

Just wondering what you think. It took a while to select a composition that made some sense out of the chaos. And in Corel I was careful to pump up the contrast a little and boosting the saturation slightly as well.

These types of photographs allow me to lose myself to seeing and thinking creatively with the camera, and with constraints gone, the act of discovery is priority #1.

Try it yourself. And thanks for the ramble!


  1. I love old flaky paint / rusting surfaces. I often take pics of warehouse doors in Liverpool docklands. Passers by think this is very odd behaviour but, as you note, the results are wonderfully abstract - I call it 'accidental art'.

  2. I love it.... accidental art! I hear ya on getting strange looks from people as they wander by while trying to size up a decent looking bit of rust in the lens, lol. Hope you're keeping well Alan! Thanks for the comment!