Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Enjoy The Process! ~Wide Angle Wednesday

"Rafaga At Sunset"

So yesterday's post received some great feedback. The emails came in all day and it would appear we've all gone through the feelings I described. Which makes today's post a no-brainer. It's easy to say to keep photographing, and intentionally enjoy the process it provides, but how?

Decide What's Ultimately Important To You. Then Eliminate the Rest.
This means you may need to rediscover what you absolutely love about photography in general and your photography in particular. Actively using your camera will do that for you. Use this time to photograph what you love that's accessible right now. Start using what images you do get to hone your true style. Make the point of the photograph to express what you feel or know or love about it. Not how many hours work went into it, how many new programs you used or could have used, or if the location is popular to anyone else. Go back through your files and round up the past images that really got responses and interest from viewers or fans and make sure you know WHY they worked or evoked those responses over others.

Eliminate the Rest
Thought I skipped this part didn't you? This is a hard topic for photographers desperate to start working or to find their niche in the business world. While you are establishing for yourself who you are behind the lens, don't try to be everything to everybody just to make a buck or get some exposure somewhere just for the sake of exposure. Eliminate the distracting offers. Take something on only if it's where you belong and have the established skills for. In the meantime, start using your strengths while you shoot. And in the genre you love. With subjects that speak to you. Anything that doesn't fall into those perimeters, ask yourself if it's important to your growth as an artist to keep aiming your camera at it, at least for now.

Know Who's In Your Corner
I did a post last month that really resonated with a few of you about the four types of people you need in your life as a photographer. The Critical Eye, The Beacon, The Cheerleader, and The Partner In Crime. They each have something valuable to offer so don't lose that connection. Take one of them out for coffee, get chatting online and on the phone regularly. Do a photo day with them. Get them talking about how they dealt with being overwhelmed, striking out on their own, and how when mistakes happened they got back up or changed direction. If these relationships are solid you can ask them for their perspective and advice and they'll happily give it. Usually because at some point someone invested in them the same way. Photography in this day and age is more about community than ever before. Don't forget that.

So get out there. Circumstances or what-ifs can't stop you. Enjoy the process of photography your way. You never know what you might discover. Just remember discovery is the point. Throw some fun into the mix and you're on your way to emerging from yesterday's "fog of despair"

Keep shooting. Enjoy the process.
Thanks for allowing me to ramble once again.