Friday, February 25, 2011

Remember Spring? ~ Floral Friday

"Dainty Lady Tulip"

Well, I have had quite a week. Tooth aches, migraines, and the Internet disappearing all made it possible for me be thrilled that the weekend is here once again. I'm sure everyone has weeks like this. Your car got a flat, the dog left gooey gifts in your best pair of shoes, and you swear the color in the box was supposed to be warm brunette, not neon plum. If you had the same type of week, here's a single posie for you. You're welcome :-)

The pinks and greens in this solitary tulip make me think of spring. And it is around the bend, trust me and hang in there. Despite shovelling for the twentieth time this month, despite how you tear up when you see commercials for cruises to tropical islands, and despite the fact your kids have misplaced another glove, making a grand total of eight mismatched pairs, there are still better days coming.

I know this to be true cause the tulips are being forced in greenhouses around the world, and being shipped to florists and grocery stores near you. Who needs to leave the comforts of home to photograph nature, especially after such a crazy week? Not me. So we jog up to the store up at the top of the street and buy flowers. Not only does it perk up the whole house, but they make great subjects that don't talk back or need to fix their hair ONE MORE TIME before you press the shutter! Dark fabric or black seamless makes a perfect backdrop, and get your f1.4 prime lens out if you have one. And regardless of lenses, get close and expose for the bloom only. A tiny white piece of card reflects just enough light up into the flower, and done!

So, here's a single bloom for all of you saying good riddance to the last week and welcoming a fresh week untouched by daily chaos so far. Also, this tulip is for all those struggling from the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand to put their lives back together. There is still beauty to be found in the winters of our lives. Such a devastating event puts my week back into perspective, and makes me appreciate all the blessings I have. My prayers go out to them.
Thanks for letting me ramble on, have a good one folks!

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  1. Great picture and with spring coming I cannot wait to get my walking books on and hit the fells with a Lake District Walks and see what spring delights I can find and capture on camera.