Monday, February 21, 2011

Ol' Blind Joe ~ Mono Monday

"The Man Who Plays the Polka"

Well, here finally is Monday's post! After our internet being down for a few hours and it also being Family Day across Canada, I thought I'd just post one of my first street images from a photowalk about 40 of us did in downtown Hamilton a couple of years ago.

I thought I'd let the subject tell you the story behind the image today, as I'm supposed to be devoting time to the family in positive ways, and not by making them scatter as I kick the computer desk several times over in an effort to get the darned thing to work while murmuring under my breath..." one of these days I'm dragging you out to the curb tied to the back of the car and getting the guy next door to TAILGATE!!!"
(the computer, not the family...)

Notice the handle of his accordion made out of duct tape, and the curious expression on his face as he plays from memory some of his childhood favorites. I paid him generously to hear a song, then paid him again to take his picture. He was thrilled. You can find him at any given day in the downtown core, playing polkas and taking handouts. The rest of his story is up to you today! Thanks for letting me give a short ramble, will be back in full swing for tomorrow! Happy Family Day!

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