Friday, January 24, 2014

Art In Creation....

"A Coming Together"
Two separate falls rushing towards the same creek bed below.
St.Catherine's, Ontario, Canada

Am reading Freeman Patterson's latest book "Embracing Creation" this week... if you are not familiar with the legendary photography that is Freeman Patterson's collection, then I strongly suggest you check it out. Today's image reflects perfectly the influence Patterson has had on my own photography over the years. When I wanted to express how these two waterfalls felt like two old friends who finally found their way to the same sweeping ledge and could rush together with glee, I instantly tried to "think like Freeman".

Not that I'm trying to be him. I do have my own specific style that I work in, regardless of whether it's nature or architecture or whatever, but his approach and his style were both very influential to me when I first started photography, and as usual his latest book is full of philosophies and explanations that create more questions than answers when I hold them up to everything I think I know about making images that feel like art. And I love it. In a time when I see so many photographers trying to outdo each other with the latest trend, the latest "look", and completely controlled and manipulated subject matter, super dramatic, always containing some element of digital "wow", he challenges the photographer to find those moments in nature all around you that hint at something fleeting, beautiful, and delightful in and of itself.... with nothing more than your ability to compose around it, to do justice to the quality of light it's resting in, and to use your gear and vision to communicate why it caught your attention, or what it was waiting to reveal in the lens. And for that to be enough.

Again, for me, its that treasure hunt feeling. What will thrill me today? What will nature prompt me to create today? If you look with expectation, creation reveals it's artistic nature... through real colour, real texture, real shadow, real light, natural patterns, wild spaces, and those that inhabit them...

The image above was taken near Ball's Falls Conservation Park. You can't see it, but the actual ledge went in a big arc, so the waterfalls are almost across from each other in this shot, with a great deal of space between the two (the bigger falls almost in the background the arc was so wide). I was kneeling on a dry part of the same lip, shooting over and down. I get dizzy just thinking of it! (Feel free to click on the image for enlarged viewing.)

Everyone is different, but I love looking for art in nature, and after reading 'Embracing Creation" I think I have the motivation for better photographs this year that will not only show off the art in creation, but the art residing within me as well.

Who's up for releasing their inner artist? 

I see that hand... thank you...

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