Thursday, January 10, 2013

In a Fog...

"An Inconvenient View"

Today's image is from last year's Doors Open Toronto. I've been mucking about in old files again and couldn't stop tweaking this one. If you click on the image you'll get a bit larger view and a bit more sharp (something about compressed files on this page...). The perspective you see here is one you can only get every couple of years when they decide to open the observatory at the top of Toronto's SunLife Building to the public. No tripod's allowed, and a thousand smudges on the glass from everyone trying to look down... but I got a shot of the CN Tower emerging from the fog that day along with it's fellow skyscrapers. My telephoto to the rescue.

I know I'm not the only one who'd confess to being in a creative fog at times. There are days the possibilities for really engaging photographs comes so easily, and then there are days I'm not sure I should be showing anybody much of anything for fear it'll be stale or misguided somehow. Worse yet, I have days where I still second guess where I want my photography to go, or what it should be accomplishing. What I, myself, should be accomplishing. If anything.

And in rolls the fog. I guess today's photograph reminds me to climb the unusually high, difficult to access places in life, and see above the fog to what could be on the other side. To spy whatever that is, for just a moment, means I can stay the course for just a little bit longer... till the next SunLife building comes along. Am I coming through loud and clear...? 

If yes, then the fog is lifting.

Thanks for the Ramble, looking forward to Doors Open TO 2013 in a few months time!

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