Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Into the Sun ~ Wide Angle Wednesday!

"Scots Pine in Sunshine"

Have been feeling under the weather today so this will be more "short and sweet" than normal. Trees for me have a mystery about them right now. I'm in love with this elderly Scots Pine at the RBG posted above. In fact, I think any tree's line, and shape, and texture are fascinating in spring. Leaves have yet to bloom fully, so the full light can hit the gnarled limbs, the papery bark texture, and you can photograph their shape in warmer light than in winter.

The trick is to find an angle and create a composition out of the chaos of branches and trunks... and it's not always possible, but when you do find a tree that seems like some ancient sculptor carved it out of some equally ancient material, then you work all the harder to present it as whimsically you can. I ensured I got the high sun into the shot, displaying it's dainty star burst in tandem with the rough tree. Something draws me to it every time. Even as I hack up a lung. Where'd I put my lozenges?

Have a great night folks! Thanks for the ramble...

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