Sunday, January 16, 2011

And Now For Something Slightly Different...

I think it's a pretty wonderful thing when your efforts and passions are acknowledged by your peers! And this week, my blogging efforts (which I realize still need work, don't get me wrong) were awarded with the above "Stylish Blogger Award" by my good friend and fellow blogger Tracy @! I was thrilled, thanks Tracy!!!

And we want to keep this random act going too! So, if you'd like to post an award like this and acknowledge your fellow bloggers out there, here's what you do:
~First: Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award
~Second: Share 7 (random) things about yourself
~Third: Award 15 recently discovered bloggers with this award, or as many as you can.
~Then: Contact these bloggers and tell them they've won an award!

Now for my 7 Random things you might not know about me!
1. I'm such a procrastinator. This is definitely something I've been working hard on since beginning my photography business, but it's still the truth. I work better under immense pressure, so often I let little things go till I absolutely MUST do them or else. One of the few things though that I never procrastinate on is taking my camera out... it rarely leaves my hand. However, could take me months to post the results, hahahaha.

2. I hate to cook. It's messy, it's requires running to the store when I'm comfy at home, and I just don't seem to have the knack... barbecuing I love though (mmmm summer food) and I can make a mean apple pie in twenty minutes from scratch... go fig.

3. I desperately want to visit Turkey. Obviously the photo ops would be awesome, but ages ago I saw a special on the market places and caves way up in the mountain rock face in the desert where you can stay overnight after riding on horseback to get there... and I've never forgotten how amazing it all looked.

4. I love Celtic Music. My family roots are Scottish, and also from Maritime Canada, so I love anything with fiddles, jigs, reels, aires, marches, you name it. I have a family fiddle that's roughly 180 yrs old, and have been known to play it myself ;-)

5. In another time and place (and body type, ha), I think I would have been a dancer. I'm amazed by a dancer's grace and flexibility, and focus too... any style of dance or choreography really mesmerizes me... seriously, it's weird.

6. I LOVE airports. The energy, the anticipation of traveling, the throngs of people, the architecture, the planes lifting off through the massive windows... LOVE it.

7. I really don't enjoy portraits. I love taking photos of my family and friends, because there's already an emotional investment, and I love taking photos of people on the street when I get a chance to... but I have a real respect for portrait photographers. The gear, the pressure, the lighting knowledge I find intimidating. I'll stick with nature, architecture, and design thank you.

So here's some other blogs I would award this badge to. Each one motivates, inspires, teaches, and shares in remarkable ways.
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Anyways, thanks for a ramble of a different kind! And stay tuned, this week we'll have a guest blogger with some photography related tips but from a totally different angle... have a good one folks!

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