Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Road Trip Part 2 - The B&W Images

As promised, here's a collection of images that take us into day two of my Ottawa Valley road trip. I know all three of you are anxiously awaiting them.... kidding! But seriously, even while fighting off a double ear infection the entire trip, and waiting out some very wet rainy weather, we managed to see a lot of sights as well as nature within the Madawaska River area, and the small town of Arnprior which truly charmed us during our stay.

I hope you enjoy! To see the images larger give a click over them. I shan't be rambling on as much this week as I have some deadlines to meet... but as always, if you have a comment or some feedback, I'd love to read it!
Have a good one folks! Keep an eye out for day three's installment!

"Untamed Shores"

"A Study in Sediment"

" St.John Chrysostom "  Arnprior

"Ye Olde Post Office"  Arnprior


  1. You're unbelievable. Very talented. Keep up the amazing work. I can tell you love it, even though it's work for you.

  2. I've finally managed to access your blog with pictures and they are excellent. I never tire of looking at your work because every picture tells a story and I love the titles you give to each of the nature ones - very creative. God has really blessed you with some wonderful talents including a beautiful singing voice (the choir is going to miss you a lot), the ability to paint the scenery for cantatas and now we get to share in your excellent photography. Blessings on your career endeavours.

  3. Thanks so much for visiting Heather, muchly appreciated! And you're right, I DO love it! I'm pretty much hooked :-)

    Renee my sweet friend, where would I be without your constant encouragement!!! Thanks so very much for all your kind words over the last year or two concerning my photog journey! I'm blessed having people like you in my life!

    Thanks ladies, have a super week!

  4. I think my fav is the Ye Old Post Office. Just love the textures and the shadows in that image.

  5. Thanks Dave!!! I'm so glad it's working :-) I almost wasn't sure I liked the shot... then I converted it, and all the busy street details disappeared and the buildings characteristics stood out the way I'd seen them in the lens. I was very excited to post it! Glad it's your fave!